Tired of spam

Monday, 9 April 2012 21:48
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All right, it is decided. I still post here, but friends only. I am tired of LJ spam.
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To follow up on this post, I can now report that I am touching heaven. :-D I must have done something really good, because life is spoiling me big time these days!

*happy explosions*
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"She had created this paradise within the agony of the greatest challenges and all I could do was to breathe in the bitter sweetness of the moment she was sharing with me".

<3 :,-D

On Montreal

Tuesday, 6 December 2011 20:31
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According to the New York Times, Montreal is hip ! :-)


Tuesday, 22 November 2011 19:40
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I think that life has a few fizzies in store for me. :-D
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I opened myself to a seemingly small thing. Turns out I am entering a wonderful happy revolution. Wow!

And I am left effervescent again. And again. :-D

Oh oh!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011 19:46
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It turns out I have an admirer! I found this on my desk while I was giving a lab...

And, no, it is not from a student... :-D

I loooooove red roses...
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I filled myself with Beauty. Dark Beauty.

Surrounded with people I love and respect, I exposed myself to 90 minutes of pure pleasure and intense beautiful.

In several ways, it reminded me of that time Kriss and I said we "lost our virginity again". That Sigur Ros show in 2005 remained the best show I've ever seen, but what I saw tonight was a good second. Yes, totally shadowing the other shows I saw, regardless where they were and the documentary Heima.

It was beautiful on the ear level, as expected, but also a pleasure for the eyes. Like some kind of antic precious dark mysterious old souvenir. We wanted more, to stay in this universe. It'd be like being happily trapped in a happy beautiful music box with intense emotional orgasms.

Noir, mysterious, intense. Entirely captivating. Totally filling myself with beauty.


Thursday, 27 October 2011 10:42
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Athos, Porthos and Aramis had a mouthgasm.

This mouthgasm is brought to me by Réservoir. It never disappoints!

Of course, it contains thick-sliced (Laurentien, I highly suspect) bacon, aka looooove!
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I could watch this tadpole all day! I even had a pair of student name it "Speedy" and start to get attached to it. LOL!

Oh well, Speedy will have a new life and leave "the nest" once he/she grows some legs.

Perhaps that makes me a hypocrite, but while being fond of Speedy, I can't help to think that this week, I'll be dissecting a frog. It is the circle of life? :-]
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The runner is titillated!

I have tried the Vibram Five Fingers (minimalistic running shoes with the five separated toes) with the boys and I love them! Very very light, well fitted, you can feel the road but protects your feet nonetheless. I am sold!

Now back to a more reasonable running regime, after having done 2 half-marathons last month. It is necessary in order to adjust to the minimalistic shoes and the whole new running dynamic involved with them. It totally does use your calves like there is no tomorrow. So, 5 km is a good figure, I believe. I know I can do 8 km, judging from my last half-marathon, but let's not go nuts and get hurt!

Noodler's ink love!

I've been trying a new type of green ink in my Lamy pens and it's like I am writing with cactus juice! I love it! It doesn't clog my pens, even my most picky one! Hooray!!

Work bit

I don't miss hating my job, that's for sure. As a symbolic reward for winning over the cycle of job hating, I got my very own red Swingline stapler! (see Office Space, if you do not know what I am talking about!) Yup, nobody can take my red stapler! ;-)


I am not mourning what I had, but rather what I thought I had all this time. All that while tremendously appreciating not having to guess someone. Anymore. Life's much more sane, light, simple and happy that way.

At the core of it all, here's a piece of what's to be found

Stolen from a friend on FB, those words are perfect to define the wish I've been having since teenage years:

The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all of your flaws, mistakes, and weaknesses and still thinks you're completely amazing.
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As seen in Montreal... Touching and sweet. :-)

I hope she finds him.
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This very cool worm lives on the sediments of rivers. I just love how it "dances"! Tubifex sp. is the name!

The beauty with my job is that I get to discover cool things like this and share it with others so they can marvel at it too. :-D

I am also surprised at how well the iPhone 4 does in terms of video shooting of really small objects! The leaf on the right gives an idea of the size of the worms (2 cm long max). Neat!
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I went for a nice treat with some respected people, but then food was trying tell us something. Hummm...

The post-marathon promised treat

Chose promise, chose due! I promised myself that I'd get a sweet pair of VFF after I completed my half-marathon. Perhaps it is a good thing I ended up doing up, despite having changed my mind a good dozen times.

This awesome treat came with a sweet 10% off. Thanks François and thanks MEC!

Work bit

Thursday, 20 October 2011 08:47
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One of the places my work takes me. :-)


Wednesday, 19 October 2011 23:34
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I love spooning!

Work bit

Wednesday, 19 October 2011 23:30
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One of the things I tremendously love about my work is the lack of routine. For example, here's the view from my "office" this week:

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A bag of good 'ol tid bits!


I ran a half-marathon (21km) 3 weeks ago! In fact, I ran another one that month as well, but the last one is more official. :-) Run, Forrest, run!


Some of you know my love for the incongruous. In that vein, I got flash proposed (!) last week! Whee!

Igloooo igloooo igloooo

I am a well established varlet drinker now. :-) Also, I have really awesome colleagues! I can't be more lucky!

Arterial tension experiment

Correcting a ton and a half of reports can induce an elevation of arterial tension, whereas having snoozy sweet dogs around regulates that all nicely. :-)

Defying the expected logic

Again, I find myself facing the same conclusion, I receive much more love while I am single than otherwise. Interesting phenomenon. I cherish the contact with all the really awesome people I am super fortunate to be surrounded with!! <3

One up

Thursday, 13 October 2011 18:00
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Celebrating a good news!

(no subject)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011 22:32
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Aftermath of the half-marathon glory: a blue nail, even after > 10 days after the event. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt or pulse. But still. Scary.

I guess, no pain, no gain? :-)