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The runner is titillated!

I have tried the Vibram Five Fingers (minimalistic running shoes with the five separated toes) with the boys and I love them! Very very light, well fitted, you can feel the road but protects your feet nonetheless. I am sold!

Now back to a more reasonable running regime, after having done 2 half-marathons last month. It is necessary in order to adjust to the minimalistic shoes and the whole new running dynamic involved with them. It totally does use your calves like there is no tomorrow. So, 5 km is a good figure, I believe. I know I can do 8 km, judging from my last half-marathon, but let's not go nuts and get hurt!

Noodler's ink love!

I've been trying a new type of green ink in my Lamy pens and it's like I am writing with cactus juice! I love it! It doesn't clog my pens, even my most picky one! Hooray!!

Work bit

I don't miss hating my job, that's for sure. As a symbolic reward for winning over the cycle of job hating, I got my very own red Swingline stapler! (see Office Space, if you do not know what I am talking about!) Yup, nobody can take my red stapler! ;-)


I am not mourning what I had, but rather what I thought I had all this time. All that while tremendously appreciating not having to guess someone. Anymore. Life's much more sane, light, simple and happy that way.

At the core of it all, here's a piece of what's to be found

Stolen from a friend on FB, those words are perfect to define the wish I've been having since teenage years:

The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all of your flaws, mistakes, and weaknesses and still thinks you're completely amazing.
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